Adding a Portrait Background (11.6 mb mp4)

Balfour Guest Blog Format (PDF) (WORD)

Balfour Yearbooks Plant Tour (47.3 mb mp4)

David Miller's Presentation on Doing a Chronological Yearbook (VIDEO137.9 mb mp4) (POWERPOINT 26mb)

Creating a diagonal photo inside an ad using InDesign (28 mb mp4)

Gary Lundgren's Yearbook Trends Presentation (319 mb pdf)

Kel Lemons' 3 Presentations on Theme, Alternative Copy and Thinking Outside The Box (218 mb zip file)

Annie Green's Design Trends Presentation at the 2019 Spring Forum (11.5 mb)

Balfour YB Curriculum Assessments (3.1 mb zip file)

Create a cutout in Photoshop and making it a partial cutout with text wrap in InDesign (73.8 mb)

Cut-out using Photoshop CC2018 or 2019 (80.3 mb)

Creating a pie-chart in Illustrator and using it in InDesign (23.6 mb)

Creating a partial cutout using InDesign and Photoshop (29.1 mb)

Deanne Brown's Photo presentation on being a Super Hero (57.7 mb ppt)

Using GRIDS in InDesign presentation by David Graves (18 mb zip file)

Kel Lemons - What's Trending, Editing, Story Formula and Story Quotes Presentations (237 mb zip file)

Bobby Howthorne - Spring Forum Presentations (3.2 mb zip file)

Denise Adams Presentation on Leadership and Marketing (1.5 mb zip file)

Yearbook Vocabulary presentation by Andrea Negri (230 mb)

JH Camp Design Inspiration Link -

JH Camp Basic Design Link -

Annie Green's Spring Forum Presentation Inspiration to Completion (28 mb)

Quick Color Correction with Camera Raw (737 kb)

Creating a Nested Style in InDesign (1.8 mb)

Creating a Bullet with IndyFont (688 kb)

Quick Cutouts using Photoshop CS5 through Early CC2015 (74 mb)

Quick Cutouts using Photoshop CC2015.5 (newest version) (57.4 mb)

Kel Lemons 2016 Fall Forum Presentations (567 mb zip)

Jeanne Acton 2016 Spring Forum Presentations (179 mb zip)

Samantha Berry Google Goodies Folder

Samantha Berry Video on how she uses Google in her journalism program

Trends by Kel Lemons (7 mb pdf)

Getting Grants by Andrea Negri (1.4 mb pptx)

Ice Breakers from Denise Adams (102 kb zip)

Creating Curved Photos in InDesign (48.4 mb Mp4)

Bruce Watterson's 2015 Fall Forum Presentations (452 mb zip)

Kim Lynch Elementary School Yearbook Photography Tips (2.2 mb pptx)

Create Photo Collages at this site (recommeded by Kim Lynch)

Balfour YB Curriculum Assessments Answers (1.3 mb zip)

2015 Junior High Camp

Kim Lynch Downloads (1.3 mb zip)

2015 Spring Forum

Marcelino Benito Intro Video (199 mb mp4)

Mike Cobb Marketing Powerpoint version (13.2 mb pptx) PDF version (2.7 mb pdf)

Jeff Moffitt on Design and Trends Powerpoint (64 mb pptx)

Placing multiple photos into a letter using Photoshop (91 mb QuickTime movie)

2014 Adviser Development Workshop and High School Communications Workshop

ADW Presentations (299 mb zip)

Lori Oglesbee-Petter ADW and HSCW Presentations (433 mb zip)

2014 Junior High Yearbok Camp

Kim Lynch Presentations (12 mb zip)

Melaine Haynes Presentations (335 mb zip)

2014 Spring Forum

Mark Murray's 101 Tips for Improving Publication Photos (7.7 mb PDF)

Mark Murrays Photoshop Workflow

Get It, Got It, Great in PDF form (4.5 mb zip file)

Heather Green's Fall Workshop Presentations (36.8 mb)

Newspaper files for Communication Workshop (1.3 mb)

InDesign CS6 Workbook (11 mb)

PhotoShop CS6 Workbook (24 mb)

Smart Cutouts using Photoshop CS6 (1.1 mb)

2013 Junior High Yearbook Camp

JH Camp Presentations (83 mb)

2013 Spring Forum

David Knight's Keynote (37 mb)

Jeff Moffitt's Yearbook Covers (75 mb)

2012 Fall Forum with Jeff Moffitt

Personnality Pig Test (467 kb)

Three Trends (31 mb)

Spreads We Love (32.8 mb)

Type (37.3 mb)

Deer Park Theme Development (19.1 mb)

Think Big Layouts (25.8 mb)

We Deliver (57.9 mb)

Headlines (18.6 mb)

Balfour "Squares" Yearbook Tips (16.5 mb)

2012 Spring Forum ... TRENDS (43 mb) and CREATE CONTROL & PROFIT (43 mb) - presented by Jeff Moffitt & Marilyn Scoggins

First half of the Sundrop Yearbook Promo Movie (9.8 mb) This is a lower resolution version to keep the size down.

Brad Froebel's Adviser Presentation at 2011 High School Communications Workshop (15.1 mb)

Video from the June 2011 Adviser Workshop (79 mb)

2011-2012 Balfour Fonts (1.5 mb)

InDesign CS5 Tips (10.3 mb)

15 Photoshop Tips (32 mb)

Illustrator Handout (1.2 mb)

2011 Spring Forum

Trends Presentation by Judi and Marilyn (33 mb)

San Antonio April 2011 Roundtable Presentations

Using Rachel Ray Magazine Powerpoint (38 mb)

Benefits of Journalism (2 mb)

Pat Gathright's Presentation (5.7 mb)

Other Files of Interest

MS150 Team Balfour 2010 Highlights (28 mb) MS150 Team Balfour 2011 Logo - Color - BW

Often Asked InDesign Tips from Susan Roberts (1.2 mb)

Overlapping and Blending Colors in InDesign (668 kb)

Adding a Halftone Effect to a Photoshop File (7.9 mb)

Batch Renaming Photos with Photoshop CSx (864 kb)

Applying an Action and Batching Files in Photoshop CSx (1.1 mb)

Digital Photo Organization (176 kb)

Hal's Version of "Feliz Navidad!"

Hal's JEA Templates (40 mb)

Plant Tour Shown at the Spring Forum (very large file 700 mb)

Cool stuff you can do in StudioWorks (20.5 mb)

Teaching InDesign Handouts (15.5 mb zip file)

2009 Fall Forum Presentation by Bruce Watterson (175.1 mb zip file)

Here are some Photoshop and InDesign tips

Quick Cut-Out (13.3 mb QuickTime movie)

Creating a box in InDesign with both round and square corners (9.7 mb QuickTime movie)

Creating a Punch-Out in InDesign (22.5 mb QuickTime movie)

Create a Bubble Thought in InDesign (60.4 kb pdf)

Elementary / Middle School Workshop Presentations

Files from workshop (60.4 mb zip file)

Fall Forum Presentations

Trends (10.2 mb)

Newest Packating (57.4 mb)

Fonts For Real (1.5 mb)

Borrow Don't Steal (4.9 mb)

300 Word Stories (142 kb - this is one of the new MS "x" files)

Jr. High Camp Photo Finalist (12.8 mb zip file)

Yearbook Playbook: Step-By-Step Guide Files

Yearbook Playbook Files (540 mb)

Bruce Watterson's Theme Presentation at High School Camp

Theme Presentation at High School Camp (265 mb)

Jeff Moffitt's Spring Forum Presentation

Color Use (57 mg)

Multiple Personalities (18 mb)

See the story of a Pulitzer Prizer winner who graduated from Jersey Village High School

Click here:


Academics (2.8 mb)

Theater (7.5 mb)

Spring Sports (5.5 mb)


Basic Design (31.1 mb)

Captions (50 mb)

Middle School Theme (51 mb)

High School Theme (48.6 mb)


Step 1 - Focus Groups (209 kb)

Step 2 - Book Sales (133 kb)

Step 3 - Ad Sales (3.7 mb)

Other Downloadable Files...

Setting Paragraph Styles in InDesign CS2 (68 kb)

Quotes, Attribution & Leads

InDesign CS Training (1.3 mb)

Yearbook Ladder (90 kb)

Digital Organization (420 kb)

Megapixle Test (4.5 mb)

Indexing in InDesign CS2, 3, 4 and 5 (72 kb)

SAM Indesign 2 (1.4 mb)

SAM Indesign CS (5.2 mb)

Taylor PDF for CS (56 kb)

Taylor PDF for CS2 (8 kb)

Taylor PDF Export (56 kb)

Blank Yearbook Templates

Blank Newspaper Templates

Teaching Files..

Advice from the Amigos (32 kb)

10 Design Principles (24 kb)

10 Photo Essentials (28 kb)

Type (5.3 mb)

Visual (5.1 mb)

Pacing (7 mb)

10 Photoshop & InDesign Tips & Tricks (6 mb)

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